Rogue One: 10 Best Trailer Moments

With the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story now just four months away, LucasFilm and Disney have cast more light on this bold new venture with the release of its first, full-length trailer. There are a lot of superb moments throughout the trailer, and for me, it’s up there with the best trailers the Star Wars franchise has ever produced. A special mention must go out to the music – an absolutely brilliant accompaniment to the trailer, which adds so much to the scale.

So with Rogue One now taking centre-stage ahead of its December release, here are the 10 best moments from the latest trailer! (Speculation ahead, so there are potential spoilers if I’m right)

Haven’t seen the trailer yet? Take a look below

The world is coming undone…

Star Destroyer over Jedha

Hinted at in A New Hope, and given life in Star Wars Rebels, the Empire’s stranglehold on the Galaxy is in full force in Rogue One. With Clone Wars veteran Saw Gerrara providing a knowing account of galactic warfare, the sight of a Star Destroyer hovering over an ancient Jedi Temple is one of the key images of this period of Star Wars history. This is very much a galaxy under the Emperor’s heel.

We’ve a mission for you

Rogue One Mon Mothma

Presumably captured by the Rebels for some sort of transgression, Jyn is visibly shocked by Mon Mothma’s request for assistance. While we don’t know why they have turned to Jyn, it’s a hugely important moment that the Rebellion now finds itself in such a desperate situation. It will also be interesting to know if they are even sure what the weapons test is for.

Rebels on Jedha

Rogue One Rebels

Showing that the Rebellion isn’t just a small band of plucky heroes, here we see that on the streets of Jedha, the Rebellion is beginning to take shape. A small moment, but one that ties into the ongoing story in Star Wars Rebels.

They destroyed our home!

Rogue One Battle

Our first look at Baze Malbus in action on an unknown planet (more on that later). His impassioned cry implies some sort of disaster on Jedha, but equally could be metaphorical – after all, the Empire isn’t on Jedha for nothing.

All is as the Force wills it

Rogue One Chirrut Imwe

Sure to be one of the breakout characters of the movie, Chirrut Imwe’s swift dispatch of a squadron of Stormtroopers makes an instant impact. Crucially though, he provides the missing link between the old and new Jedi Order – while he practises the Force, he is no Jedi, but has kept their ideals alive on Jedha, the spiritual home of the Order.

A sign of things to come?

Rogue One Death Star Eclipse

For me, the best shot in the trailer. Seeing the Death Star eclipsing Jedha’s sun is an awe-inspiring, and fear-inducing moment, and will surely mean only bad things for the inhabitants of this world. As to why the Death Star is orbiting the planet – rumours hint at Jedha being a source of Kyber crystals, which as we saw in The Clone Wars, are a crucial part of the Death Star’s firing mechanism. As an aside, perhaps this is also the reason why the Geonosis shipyard was abandoned, as the Death Star required a source of crystals?

Assault on Scarif

Rogue One Scarif

Whatever is on Scarif is crucial to the Rebellion’s mission, so if I had to guess, it would be the Death Star plans. Details are scarce on this planet, other than it being an Imperial military base, but with such a huge operation happening here, the Rebellion surely needs to succeed.

X-Wing Attack

Rogue One X-Wings

Revisiting the planet that we saw Baze Malbus on earlier, this shot of the X-Wings assaulting an Imperial installation leaves more questions than answers. Where are they? Why are they there? Presumably this is part of the movie’s final act, so for now, this planet remains shrouded in mystery.

Bringing Down the AT-ACT

Rogue One AT-ACT

As we saw in Star Wars Rebels, the early AT-AT prototypes had a weak spot on the neck, something that is missing by the time of The Empire Strikes Back. Baze clearly knows this, but the AT-ACT seems largely unaffected by the damage inflicted. Whatever the case, seeing these behemoths back on-screen is incredible.

Escape, but from what?

Rogue One Escape

Jyn and Cassian Andor flee an approaching destructive wave, but what is it? It certainly looks like they are on Jedha, and with the Death Star circling above, it would be sensible to assume that Director Krennic has tested the space-station’s weapon. This would also tie back into Baze’s speech earlier in the trailer, but with Alderaan the first official test, does Jedha survive?

And at number 11…

Rogue One Vader

Ok, so I said 10 moments, and this is technically cheating, but it was after the title card! A moment that will surely be one of the most anticipated in the movie, the arrival of Darth Vader will almost certainly come at a huge cost to our rebels. Quite how the plans will escape his grasp remains to be seen, but whatever happens, seeing Vader again will be a huge moment.

And that’s your lot! A breathless trailer, full of action and excitement. I’ve picked my top 10, but were there any moments that you thought were even better? Let me know in the comments below.


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